Monsters in the Closet

We spend our days playing in the closet.

In our imagination it is a spaceship, a doorway to other worlds, a portal that can travel through time. In the darkness we act out our fantasies, constructing the characters of our narrative. We play with the treasures that surround us – costumes in boxes, paperwork on shelves, trinkets that remind us of our parents.

We play all day in the closet, waiting for the door to be unlocked once more.
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The Path of Lights

Something outside the tent wakes her.

Her boyfriend is asleep and immovable, despite the music still playing outside. She clambers over him to find a string of lights outside their tent, weaving across the festival field and out into the woods beyond.

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Say it with Flowers

The flowers are delivered without a message or recipient.

The husband immediately accuses his wife of having an affair, and in turn she accuses him of having the very same. Before long it has escalated into a vicious argument, where years of unsaid truths are hurled at each other in unison, culminating in him wanting a divorce, further culminating in her also wanting a divorce.

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The Urge

Approaching the edge of the rooftop I have an urge to jump off.

This sensation is common when scavenging the upper floors. It is a form of high place phenomenon, typified by the healthy desire to jump off an edge. This urge comes from contradictory signals generated by the brain Рthe backing away from an edge, reinforcing the conclusion that you were always going to jump.

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A Perfect Shot

Through the lens she finds her target.

Visibility is poor, the last of the light fading into night. A little adjusting of the focus brings her target into view. It’s taken some time, but she may be able to get a perfect shot.
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