A Question of Parenting

It is late in the day at the playground. I sit under the shadow of wooden statues and metallic structures.

A lady next to me strikes up a conversation, the mother of a boy my children are playing with. She comments how nicely they are playing together, and how her son doesn’t always mix well with others.

We continue with the usual parenting small talk. Getting them to eat, getting them to sleep. It is the same conversation had many times over.

After an hour or so I have to leave, thanking her for her company before going to retrieve my children. As I do so her child comes running over towards me.

Do you know where my Mummy and Daddy are? he asks.

Like any parent when faced with a tricky question, I find myself not entirely sure how to answer.


A story based on the photo prompt from Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Photo (c) @any1mark66


15 thoughts on “A Question of Parenting

      1. Now had you played it that she leaves first and another parent went looking for their son, then it you have a nice stab of terror. Otherwise, she’s a stalker. Which is weird but not sure it’s as strong of a twist.

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  1. I like how you start off so mundane, with that everyday conversation between parents, and then suddenly it turns sinister and mysterious. I read it as her not being the child’s mother, so retroactively all those things she said about “her child” became super creepy.

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