The picture is a fake. She can tell by the colouring. It is a reasonable copy but nothing more.

The candlestick is also a fake. The weight is wrong in her hands and there is a slight erosion around the rim.

The glass jar is interesting. It is an unusual shape and has no obvious date or maker. When she takes it from the shelf it rumbles, and an infinite number of objects light up the impossible space inside.

When she opens the lid everything else around her dissolves. Consumed by the light she soon learns that everything, yes everything else is a fake.


A 100 word story based on the photo prompt from the Friday Fictioneers.

Photo (c) Janet Webb


32 thoughts on “Fake

    1. Thanks. There have been many interpretations of this – magic, sci-fi, something cosmic or faith related – but all point to that feeling of something outside of our current understanding waiting to be discovered. Glad you liked it

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