Enjoy the Silence

For two years the noises are inside my head, an inescapable ringing and buzzing that the consultants are unable to correct. Test results show the condition to be slowly worsening, and my days are spent craving a silence, an escape from the internal ringing that keeps me awake and unable to function.

Then one morning I wake to find the ringing has stopped. My sleep has been uninterrupted and I feel fully rested. Excitedly I wake my wife to tell her the news and she turns round to face me, mouthing back her silent congratulations as she does so.

A 100 word story based on the photo prompt from theΒ Friday Fictioneers

Photo (c)Β J Hardy Carroll


31 thoughts on “Enjoy the Silence

  1. Tinnitus. I’ve got that. Most the time it’s in just one ear, but under stress, it happens in both at different frequencies. I ignore it most of the time and it doesn’t interrupt my sleep. As Sandra said above, you can be deaf and that’s the only thing you’d hear. Then it really would be annoying.

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