The Shallows

The search for Natasha lasts for three days.

On the third night we gather on the beach for a service of remembrance. Symbolic ashes are cast into the ocean as we sing the old songs of the sea. A prayer of thanks is said for the volunteers who protect us from the uncertain waters.

One done the mood changes – we drink the local delicacy and sing songs in celebration.

It’s what she would have wanted people say

In the early hours, as people are beginning to make their way home, I see a blinking light on the horizon. Everyone is convinced that it is caused by the drink, a trick of the light.

I remain convinced otherwise, and after finishing my drink I wade out into the shallows.


A story based on the photo prompt from Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers . A bit of a follow on from a previous story.

Photo (c) TJ Paris

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