You can view the rock today as a high resolution image on the official website.

In the past you could view the rock from fifty yards away, buying a postcard as you did so.

Previously before that, you could view it from behind barriers, not quite close enough to touch it.

Some time before that, access was unrestricted, with signs reminding people not to climb on or take pieces of the rock.

Before that the rock stood unguarded, teenagers scratching graffiti onto its surface.

Before any if this, before the passage of time and subsequent human interference, it had been the most amazing statue.

A 100 word story for theย Friday Fictioneers. Photo (c) CEAyr



16 thoughts on “Eroded

  1. Ooh, interesting take, to imagine what it once was, before the erosion of time and destructive humans. It’s so weird for me to think of how much history I would have valued was casually destroyed by our ancestors — because that wasn’t what they valued. I like how you went backwards with the timeline, that was clever.

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  2. This prompt says the story of pretty much all the great things which should have been preserved… Our negligence scratched the ‘g’ and it’s just ‘old’ now…


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