Wake-up call

The message wakes him with a start, glaring at him like some terrible urban legend.

On his bedside table is a slate mug, and on it a message written in chalk. Normally the message is written by his wife as she leaves for work, something for him to wake up to and keep for the rest of the day.

These messages began as simple get well wishes, before developing into activities designed to help pass his time inside the house – microwaveable recipes, phone numbers to television competitions, hand drawn Sudoku grids, first and subsequent moves in noughts and crosses games, short story prompts, knock knock jokes, inventive swearwords, treasure maps to gifts hidden downstairs, and so on.

Whatever the subject of the message the tone is always consistently hers, the humour and warmth always recognisable.

The message this morning shares none of these qualities.

Your wife is dead it says, in unfamiliar handwriting.


150 words. A story based on the photo prompt from Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.

Photo (c) artycaptures.wordpress.com

Note: This is a reworked introduction to a longer story The House of Mugs. Thought it fitted the theme here so took the liberty of reworking it.





14 thoughts on “Wake-up call

  1. This is just a teaser. Read the entire story. **SPOILER ***It reminded me a little of Secret Window where the main character disassociates himself in order to conceal a truth he cannot face. A gripping tale.

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