The Path of Lights

Something outside the tent wakes her.

Her boyfriend is asleep and immovable, despite the music still playing outside. She clambers over him to find a string of lights outside their tent, weaving across the festival field and out into the woods beyond.

She follows them like a fairy tale, passing rows of identical tents, hundreds of bulbs leading her into the forest.

At the end of the trail she finds more lights arranged on the ground, spelling out will you marry me in large letters, the message visible from the sky.

A figure steps out in surprise.

Who are you? they both ask in unison, as if somehow made for each other.


A 100 word story for the Friday Fictioneers.

Photo (c) Jan Wayne Fields



18 thoughts on “The Path of Lights

  1. Poor left out boyfriend… The otherwise advantageous sound sleep has a downside…
    Was the figure a human or an alien or mystical character? But would they be as cheesy as us humans I wonder 😋
    Hope the girl doesn’t take drowsy decision…


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