The Invisible Castle

It is the invisible castle, with a perfect defence mechanism that keeps it hidden from enemy sight.

The building stands on a hillside before a vast forest, thick vines encouraged to grow across every wall and battlement, engulfing the brickwork and blending the castle into its natural background. Only in a certain light can its outline be seen, surprising invading armies when it appears out of nowhere.

Until one summer, when flowers unexpectedly bloom all over the vines, revealing the castle to its enemies. The vines have weakened the brickwork and the castle collapses during early battle, rendering its outline and those within invisible forever.

A 100 word story for the Friday Fictioneers

Photo (c) Roger Bulltot



19 thoughts on “The Invisible Castle

  1. Veiled castle….unique…
    Vines would have flowered as a gratitude but alas it went against them…
    Or may be the vines were bribed by their cousins to be the traitors…


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