A Near Miss


We approach the city to find an enemy tank waiting for us on the bridge.

We observe from a safe distance, its presence suggesting that others are nearby, its prominence the possible bait in a trap. The vehicle is suspiciously underwhelming for a first line of defence – battle damaged and missing a top hatch.

It is a tempting target for us to demonstrate our intent and destroy the critical infrastructure of the bridge. We wait for further orders – hovering over the trigger button, readying to blow it to smithereens, to kingdom come – but get the radio orders not to fire and pull back.

We move on to the next city, frustrated and itching for action.


Our day is spend retrieving abandoned combat vehicles, culminating with the tank on the bridge. Reconnaissance suggests that it is beyond repair and good for only parts, heavily damaged in a prior battle.

We arrive at the bridge cautious and exposed. The tank is critically damaged, and inside we find three small children playing with the controls.

Come out of there, it’s dangerous we say, before pulling them out into the dangerous streets of their home town.


A story based on the photo prompt for Sunday Photo Fiction


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