Weekend Instruction

“He usually eats whatever we’re having. Doesn’t like dark chocolate. Carrots seem to make him sick..”

“He’ll be fine,” he says.

“And sleeping, he’s just started sleeping through, but if he wakes then milk is fine. Full fat, not anything..”

“Honestly I’ve got this. Need to go, will bring him back Sunday. Say goodbye to Mummy.”

Gurgles from the pushchair.

“And brown bread! I almost forgot, how could I forget about brown..”

“We’re gonna have to get used to this,” he says, reversing out of the shop

She watches them leave, terrified that this is something she will never quite get used to.


A 100 word story for the Friday Fictioneers. Photo (c) Kelvin M Knight.



16 thoughts on “Weekend Instruction

  1. My grandchildren’s parents are divorced. One week they spend with Mom and the next with Dad. I have to say that my son knows how to take care of the kids, though certainly he’s received a lot of support from my wife and I. It’s tough and it’s especially hard on my eight-year-old grandson, but as a Grandpa, it’s my job to help my grandkids fee loved and safe and cared for.

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