A Leap of Faith

We found his shoes on the cliff top, facing the sea, as though waiting for their owner to return.

Days were spent searching for his body, the spot popular for suicides, the rescue teams familiar with the tides.  Everything felt so out of character – the location obvious, the placement of the shoes deliberate.

We kept the shoes for many years, always convinced that something else had occurred that day, ever hopeful that the shoes would reveal their secrets.

Until one day they did – colours faded and material perished, the sole splitting open to reveal a note hidden deep inside the rubber.


A 100 word story for the Friday Fictioneers. 

Photo (c) Sarah Potter



42 thoughts on “A Leap of Faith

  1. If you’re going to commit suicide, why take off your shoes. I don’t think it was a suicide note. People who commit suicide want their intentions read right away. There’s another mystery here.

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  2. That’s really well crafted, Hombre. I love the opening sentence; it’s a free-standing piece of flash fiction on its own! And an excellent cliff-hanger to conclude.
    I’m in the ‘ran away for a new life camp’ myself, on the basis of the title ‘A leap of faith’.

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  3. Leaves one wanting more…more, I tell ya! I want to know what the note said, though I already suspect. The idea that instead of a suicide note, it’s something like and old Tanya Tucker song “What’s Your Momma’s Name” where after an old bum dies, they find a faded letter in his pocket saying he has a daughter with emerald green eyes… I see that in this. Maybe the note is an invitation to immigrate to another land to join a long-lost lover, or something. Enjoyed this write!

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  4. 40 comments and counting and we still don’t know what the note said!!!!
    What a suspense.
    If he was to commit a suicide, he wouldn’t have complicated it so much, unless he was a sadist or he really wanted to make someone’s life miserable or he expected that someone knew him so much that they will know his trick, which sadly wasn’t the case.
    If he were to stage his suicide and go on to live a different life, this might be a good setting. If it was a murder there wouldn’t be a need or time for note.
    That’s the beauty of cliffhangers…there is so much open for the reader to imagine…loved it 😁

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