The Urge

Approaching the edge of the rooftop, I experience an urge to jump off.

It is a common sensation, especially when scavenging the upper floors of the abandoned hotels. It is referred to as high place phenomenon, typified by the healthy desire to jump whenever close to an edge. This urge is a result of contradictory signals generated by the brain – the backing away from an edge, which in turn reinforces the conclusion that you were possibly going to jump.

High up on the rooftops the feeling is commonplace. It is one of the many urges we must learn to keep in check.

As I approach the edge of the rooftop I find another stranger watching out over the city. Without any further consideration I follow my urge, walk up behind him, and push him off the edge of the building.

A story based on the photo prompt from Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Photo (c) Grant-Sud


28 thoughts on “The Urge

    1. Yes I can agree with this. The idea was around what if we reacted to those sudden urges we sometimes get, but of course the reality of doing so is why we don’t carry them out. Hopefully that comes across.

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      1. But they are on rooftops.. Parkour guys do that.. The second guy is also on rooftop.. And i suppose he pushed him knowing he will survive.. Perhaps I think too much..


  1. That was so realistic that it triggered my fear of heights — which isn’t actually a fear of heights, but a fear of jumping. And then that ending – wow, what a dark turn that took! Well-written, great pacing. added to the power of the ending.

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