The change of season approaches. Colours fade and make way for the new. A chill now strokes at our skin.

We bring supplies to the church in preparation – food items, first aid supplies, clothes and blankets for warmth. The Elders prepare the annual offering, racing against the approaching sundown. Fires inside the church are lit. We sing the songs of old, giving our thanks to the ancient ones. Volunteers take the offering outside, placing it onto the steps of the church, where it gleams in full view of the heavens.

Once back inside we bolt the doors shut.

Everyone is counted. We say prayers for those who chose not to join us. Together we assign roles to our group, with those on watch duty allocated to one of the stained-glass windows, surveying the landscapes of rainbow.

With our harvest festival complete, we must wait for the arrival of winter.


A 200 word story for Sunday Photo Fiction.



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