We Steal From Shops

We steal from shops.

It starts with small newsagents, one of us daring the other to take a pen or a packet of sweets. Gradually we move on to larger targets – supermarkets and corporate stores. Taking turns to steal something of ever more value, gaining the respect of our peer group.

My turn is a large department store. As I wander the floors a security guard follows me, tuned into my intent. When I emerge from the store some minutes later, now wearing his hat, the crowd greet me like I am the king of thieves.


A 100 word story for the Friday Fictioneers.

Photo (c) Marie Gail Stratford


17 thoughts on “We Steal From Shops

  1. Applause for the hat stealer!
    Bigger applause for the author, who has persuaded us to love a villain, a thief with no excuse save the applause of the mob egging him on
    Really well written, Hombre!


  2. Cheeky fun. I like to think the guard gave it to him, in exchange for good behavior, so he could earn his friends’ approval one last time!


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