Wish You Were Here

The postcard is all we have, our only clue.

It arrived two months ago, an image of a hotel, the colours nostalgic.

Having a great time, it says.

Wishing you were here, it says.

We track down the hotel from the photo and find it to be decades later, the building crumbling and rusting into the river.  The area is deserted, the locals unwilling to speak.

Our search has stalled once more. Postcard in hand, we consider our options, desperate to find news of our parents.


A 100 word story for the Friday Fictioneers.

Photo (c) JS Brand



14 thoughts on “Wish You Were Here

  1. You completely deceived me with that one. I was imagining parents looking for children right up to the last line. The mystery deepens. Why would their parents have carefully found an old postcard to send to them? Or did they? Nice one, Hombre!

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