Over the Horizon

Sometimes I just sit and watch the horizon, dreaming of my younger self. Remembering the version of me that knew nothing of what I would become, the adult who sits here today.

As I drift into sleep the noises are the same as back then – the birdsong, the distant rumble, the leaves in the wind. Constant sounds that have always existed, making me wonder if it is all a myth, if I could close my eyes and slip away, returning to that younger version of me, dreaming of my future self.


A 100 word story for Friday Fictioneers. A bit more dreamy than usual, but the photo kinda suggested it.

Photo (c) Jan Wayne Fields




20 thoughts on “Over the Horizon

  1. Hi Hombre,
    I really loved this and probably wish I could do it myself, except I was becoming quite corporate in my twenties and wasn’t doing much writing, which is who I’ve always been.
    A great philosophical piece. Well done.
    xx Rowena

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  2. This is a beautiful way of questioning the meaning of life; it’s fluent, concise and filled with sensory descriptions. How clever of you to include those descriptions, because the only knowledge we can use to answer the question comes from our senses. And you tentatively suggest a writer’s answer to the question, namely that the narrative of life is a myth.
    I really enjoyed this piece.

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