Her Father’s Garden

her fathers garden

She will set fire to the garden, to bring her father back.

It is day sixteen of the heatwave. The lawn is a tinderbox ready to spark. Shrivelled flowerbeds are perfect kindling.

She will tempt him with the smell of scorched grass and dying flowers. He will come to repair the garden, so neglected after his leaving.

When it goes up in flame, it explodes outwards, catching specks on her skin.

Her father does come back, to visit her in hospital, soothing her burns with the promise of never leaving her again.

17 thoughts on “Her Father’s Garden

  1. This immediately threw up memories of coming home from school to find the paddock beside my parent’s house ablaze with my mother watching from a gate with a hosepipe, calm as anything.
    I like the mirror between the explosiveness of the fire and the desperation of loss.

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  2. I wonder how often variations of this story replay in our communities? To be fair to the Dad, he might not have a lot of say in how often he sees her either. Situations like these are rarely clear-cut. I hope she find a safer way of attracting his attention in future.
    Best wishes,

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