Wake-up call

The message wakes him with a start, glaring at him like some terrible urban legend.

On his bedside table is a slate mug, and on it a message written in chalk. Normally the message is written by his wife as she leaves for work, something for him to wake up to and keep for the rest of the day.
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Downhill all the Way

As children my brother and I would go cycling together, hoping to discover the infinite downhill loop that was rumoured to be hidden within the country roads of our childhood.

We knew it to be impossible – a route that was downhill all the way, bringing you back to the start without an uphill stretch. An urban legend of the countryside, a geographical impossibility. Still we searched, happy with our own company and the goal we knew to be impossible.
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The Shallows

The search for Natasha lasts for three days.

On the third night we gather on the beach for a service of remembrance. Symbolic ashes are cast into the ocean as we sing the old songs of the sea. A prayer of thanks is said for the volunteers who protect us from the uncertain waters.

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Say it with Flowers

The flowers are delivered without a message or recipient.

The husband immediately accuses his wife of having an affair, and in turn she accuses him of having the very same. Before long it has escalated into a vicious argument, where years of unsaid truths are hurled at each other in unison, culminating in him wanting a divorce, further culminating in her also wanting a divorce.

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