Her Father’s Garden

She will set fire to the garden, to bring her father back.

It is day sixteen of the heatwave. The lawn is a tinderbox ready to spark. Shrivelled flowerbeds are perfect kindling.
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The Urge

Approaching the edge of the rooftop I have an urge to jump off.

This sensation is common when scavenging the upper floors. It is a form of high place phenomenon, typified by the healthy desire to jump off an edge. This urge comes from contradictory signals generated by the brain Рthe backing away from an edge, reinforcing the conclusion that you were always going to jump.

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A Perfect Shot

Through the lens she finds her target.

Visibility is poor, the last of the light fading into night. A little adjusting of the focus brings her target into view. It’s taken some time, but she may be able to get a perfect shot.
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