Enjoy the Silence

For two years the noises are inside my head, an inescapable ringing and buzzing that the consultants are unable to correct. Test results show the condition to be slowly worsening, and my days are spent craving a silence, an escape from the internal ringing that keeps me awake and unable to function.

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The Two-Dimensional Boat

Natasha and I wade out towards the boat.

The sand pathways shift with every push of the tide, the depth of the ocean fluctuating all around us. We hold hands as we stumble across the exposed plateaus, the water as high as our ankles.
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Full House

We reach the house by mid-morning, our journey short and brimming with anticipation.

The building in front of us is boarded up and long since abandoned. Many believe it to be structurally unsound, with rumours that the removal of a single timber could cause it to collapse completely.

It is a challenge that we are prepared to accept.

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He reaches the bridge at midnight, the bolt cutters heavy in his hands. Five hundred padlocks are to be removed, an unpopular decision taken by the council. His instruction is to work in secret, throughout the night and paid at double time.
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