Somewhere there is a memorial bench with my name on it


Somewhere there is a memorial bench with my name on it. Has to be with a common name like mine. My research finds several, and so I pick the nearest, where I sit and pretend to be a ghost. I wait all day for people to come and ask, waiting to surprise them with my big reveal. But no-one asks, no-one comes to the stranger on the bench, who may as well be dead already.


This 75-word story first appeared on Paragraph Planet.

The Clock Tower

Our new home is known as the Clock Tower.

The village layout is a masterpiece of practical design, every house having a direct view of the clock face. We arrive one autumn evening, new keys and a fresh start, unpacking some essentials before sleeping on temporary beds.
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Here Come The Gulls

My story ‘Here Come The Gulls’ is published over at Spelk today. Hope you enjoy.

Here Come the Gulls


Low Tide

During low tide we search for remnants of the conflict.

Every day brings with it a new surprise, gifts from the battle upstream. Metallic objects washing up on the shore, many of them unfamiliar and no longer of use. Military uniforms floating by like leaves. Body parts settling in oily reflections.
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