Fancy Dress

A timid knock at the door.

Trick or Treat!

I open the door to find two Triffids standing on the doorstep. Costumes of incredible detail. Textures organic. Flower heads glistening under pumpkin lanterns.

Trick or Treat! they repeat.
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The Human Arcade


The amusement arcade is at the far end of the pier, a remnant facing the sea, paintwork
windswept and faded.

Despite it being summer season the building is deserted, the air inside like stale bread. Arcade cabinets line the walls, tightly packed and arranged in a maze-like formation. Some are still operational and fill the room with colour, with multiple jingles competing against each other.

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It is the third month of darkness.

Bodies pile up in the empty pool, our physical tally of the time that has passed. By day we party underneath the darkened sky, the abandoned resort our own, our hedonism natural and obvious.

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He spends his life dedicated to the design and manufacture of puppets – specifically spacecraft, used in children’s television during the science fiction boom of the sixties.

Audiences cannot get enough of his space travel and combat scenes, and over time he becomes an authority figure, designing spaceship puppets to move in a believable fashion, forever building new craft with multiple moving parts, mastering the strings to produce a smoother flight, eventually culminating in techniques to represent light speed, gravitational pulls, and so on.
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Lights Out


Our new home. Every evening the same routine – switching off the downstairs lights in sequence, pausing at the last.

Waiting in the dark is the ghostly child, the cliché, the best my imagination can muster.

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